Once upon a time, cruise vacations and buffets were synonymous. Oh how times have changed. While the buffet is still a popular choice onboard – thanks the quality of the food and the international varieties guests can choose from – it’s clearly not the only choice. Modern cruise ships have a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and pubs to feast at while onboard, including room service, which are included in your cruise fare.

However, certain onboard restaurants do stand out. Known as specialty restaurants, these fine dining establishments are accessible at a reduced, additional cost … and they’re worth every penny. This is where you’ll find world-class cuisine from celebrity chefs, all served in an upscale ambiance that rivals any place in New York City. Royal Caribbean takes this concept to a whole new and exciting level at these specialty restaurants.


Welcome to gourmet on the high seas. This private dining experience is a five-course tour de force, complete with paired wines and limited space. Experiential and educational, each course is explained in detail so that you learn about its cooking techniques, ingredients and flavors.


Mesmerizing dishes, magical drinks and food you’ve never laid eyes on are on the menu at this imaginative restaurant. Combining elements of ice, earth, fire, sun and sea, each plate is a work of art that’s a feast for the eyes.


Royal Caribbean’s hallmark steakhouse is clearly a cut above the rest. Bringing contemporary flair to traditional steakhouse offerings, Chops serves up exceptional prime meat, Maine lobster, rack of lamb and more, all sizzled to perfection.


Inspired by one of Britain’s most famous chefs, here you can feast on Jaime Oliver’s personal recipes and favorite Tuscan dishes, all served family style. Highlights include homemade pasta, his succulent prawn linguine, and the Famous Plank: an appetizer piled high with cured meats, pickles and cheeses.


Bold flavors and artistic presentation collide at Izumi, which brings the best of Asian dining to your table for a Far East feast. Signature rolls include the Baked Snow Crab and Eel Dynamite, and the Truffle Creamy Lobster Tempura.


When you’re surrounded by the ocean, you expect fresh seafood. Hooked delivers. Serving up New England style seafood—like crispy golden Maryland crab cakes and just-shucked oysters—your taste buds will definitely be hooked.


This elegant restaurant presents American classics prepared and presented with gourmet grace. These farm-to-ship culinary treats are not only delicious, but also consist of locally sourced ingredients that bring each dish to life.


Bring the entire family to this relaxing Italian trattoria, where you can dine on rustic dishes served with a contemporary flair. Every Italian classic dish is prepared with freshly made pastas, seasonal veggies and carefully braised meats, creating delicacies you all will savor.


Royal Caribbean now offers a rotating vegan menu in the Main Dining room upon request. The new menu features several entrees like edamame-stuffed portobello mushrooms and Orzo pasta stew with green vegetables. For dessert, guests can choose a number of options such as toffee cheesecake with dark chocolate and peanut butter crust. The chef’s at any of the Specialty Restaurants are also more than happy to cater to any special dietary needs. Speak with one of our travel agents today and they’ll make sure the whole family has their dietary needs met while onboard.

*Venues vary per ship. Talk to your travel agent to find the Royal Caribbean ship with the best mix of specialty restaurants for you.


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